1st AxA – PiMEC Design Competition (March 2016)

Awards ceremony of the competition organized by Arquitectos por la Arquitectura and Pimec, in which the design was posited of prefabricated components in glass reinforced concrete (GRC) for the company GLS Consorcio del Hormigón SLU.

The prize has been awarded to Carlos Aguilar Olaria for ‘Enough of Scaffolding!’ and the finalists were Jordi Safon-Tria with ‘Curtain,’ Juan Carlos Ahedo with ‘Déjà Vu,’ and Julia Gras with ‘The Integrated Skin.’

The jury members, Pilar Calderón, Manel Castellnou, Sander Laudy, Santi Llusera, Aurelio Mora, Eva Prats, and Ramon Sanabria, considered the winning project to be interesting in its search for a contemporary construction system that resolves, in a versatile, efficient and industrializable way, the making of façades and each of the challenges that this presents in technical terms. 16/03/16


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