CERÁMICA ASCER awards. 1st Prize. 23/11/18

The CERAMICA ASCER awards give 1st Prize to La Casa frente al mar (Port de la Selva) in the category of interior design.

Talk at Matter Barcelona 05/07/18                                  

Xavier Martí participates with Victor Rahola, Mayte Matutes, Luis Erazo and Bruna Vila in ‘Talks that Matter’. Hotels: Design and Innovation,  in the Showroom of Matter Barcelona.

Instant City at the Stromboli Show of TV3 Chanel

Documental of the 25 aniversary of the Instant City of Ibiza 1971.

Lecture cycle 2018 at the COAIB Menorca

Carlos Ferrater gives the lecture ‘Emptiness as a Generative Space of Architecture’ at the COAIB Menorca. (09/02/18)

The Pompidou Centre of Malaga renovates the whole of its permanent exhibition. RTVE. (Dec 2017)

Participation in the first permanent exhibition of the Pompidou Centre with Barcelona Botanical Gardens and Benidorm Seafront. Carlos Ferrater and Xavier Martí.


Louis Sullivan's Auditorium Building, Chicago, presented and discussed by CARLOS FERRATER. 2017.


A contemporary architect with a studio in Barcelona presents and discusses, taking a building in the ARQUITECTURAS Collection as his starting point, the figure and the work of the architect who built it. EDITRAMA. Ediciones Trasbals Multimedia.

Directed and produced by Gonzalo Herralde”

Lecture 'Apropos the City and the Landscape' at the OAB Gallery, 31/07/17.

Carlos Ferrater gave the lecture ‘Apropos the City and the Landscape’ to the students of the Féliz Arranz workshop ‘Bases for the Project 1’ at the OAB Gallery.

Botanical Garden & Museum of Modern Art in Almaty Kazakhstan

OAB_Carlos Ferrater, Borja Ferrater.

Talk during the RCR Arquitectos workshop. 31/07/17

Carlos Ferrater gave a lecture on ‘The Void’ as the inaugural event of the Open Lecture Program at the 10th International Workshop on Architecture and Landscape, 2017, organized by RCR Arquitectos in the Hospice Courtyard, Olot.

Inspira TV Programme. La 2. 25/11/16                              

Reportaje Office of Architecture in Barcelona for the Inspira TV programme, La2 chanel.


Lecture 'A propósito de la ciudad y el paisaje'. (Nov 2015)

Carlos Ferrater gives his keynote ‘A propósito de la ciudad y el paisaje’ at the ETSAB.

Interview on the TV program ANIMALADES. (December 2015)

Evelyn Segura interviewed Carlos Ferrater for the ‘Lowland: Can architects like Carlos Ferrater reproduce spiders’ webs?’ instalment of the program Animalades on TVE’s Channel 2. (31/12/15) http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/animalades/animalades-terra-baixa/3463487/

L'Amic Invisible. CODERCH. Carlos Ferrater (Nov 2014)

Carlos Ferrater colabora con un video reportage de José Antonio Coderch en la exposición ‘La Herencia de Coderch’ organizado por MINIM.

Video report on some of Coderch’s projects. Images filmed in 8 mm by  Carlos Ferrater in 1952.

COCKTAIL fireplace by Carlos Ferrater (16/09/15)

Launch of the ‘Cocktail’ fireplace designed by Carlos Ferrater, followed by a discussion between the designer, Miguel Milà and Oscar Tusquets in the OAB Gallery, organized by DAE Chimeneas.


Video by Joan Guillamat

Lecture in Mantova, Italy. Carlos Ferrater. (May 2015)

Carlos Ferrater gave a keynote speech in Saint Sebastian Church in Mantua, Italy, as part of “Mantova Architettura,” organized by Milan Polytechnic with the collaboration of Casabella.



'Self-building and the Resident' lecture. Carlos Ferrater. (May 2015)

Carlos Ferrater gave his “Self-building and the Resident” lecture at the ETSAB, organized by the CCB.

Lecture in Mantova, Italy. Carlos Ferrater. (May 2015)

Carlos Ferrater gave a keynote speech in Saint Sebastian Church in Mantua, Italy, as part of “Mantova Architettura,” organized by Milan Polytechnic with the collaboration of Casabella.



InfinityInnerTV. Carlos Ferrater interview (May 2013)

Raquel Redondo Interviews Carlos Ferrater


Inaugural lecture 50 YEARS IN 50 MINUTESat the ETSAB. Carlos Ferrater. (October 2014)

Carlos Ferrater gives the inaugural lecture “Fifty Years at the Barcelona Architecture School: 50 Years in 50 minutes,” at the  ETSAB. 14/10/14

Half Century at the Barcelona Achitecture School.
Book + CD:  ISBN 978.84.942068.4.9. Palimpsesto Editorial.

ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE. Carlos Ferrater. (Septiembre 2014)

Lecture Academic year 2013-2014 at the UPC.


English Versión:

RARE WINDOW. Carlos Ferrater. L'Escala 2009

Refurbishment of my parents’ house in L’Escala.

Carlos Ferrater & Gerard Olivé

Benidorm West Beach Promenade. Carlos Ferrater & Xavier Martí. 2009

Carlos Ferrater talk. L’Escala (June 2014)

1st Symposium: Planning, Tourism and Territory. Urban Regeneration in Tourist Towns on the Coast at the Anchovy and Salt  Museum of L’Escala, Girona, 6-7 June 2014.

Carlos Ferrater interview. Espaços & Casas program. (May 2014)

An interview with Carlos Ferrater on the occasion of his participation in the “Last Works” event organized by Espaço de Arquitectura, in which he visited the Roca Lisboa Gallery and gave a talk in the auditorium of the Lisbon Fair. The news coverage and interview were made for the Espaços & Casas program of the SIC News Network of Portugal.

'Light and Matter' opening address at the ETSAB. (September 2013)

Carlos Ferrater gave the opening Projects V-VI address, on the 2013-2014 course of Cátedra Blanca Barcelona in the assembly hall of the  ETSAB. (25.09.13)

Opening ceremony of the 2013-2014 course at the UPC. Carlos Ferrater. (September 2013)

Carlos Ferrater gives the inaugural lecture, ‘Engineering and Architecture’, as part of the opening ceremony of the 2013-2014 academic year, which took place at the  UPC. 13/09/2013

Seafront exhibition in L'Escala. Carlos Ferrater. (August 2013)

Carlos Ferrater presented an exhibition in L’Escala Town Hall, Girona, concerning a scheme for improving the seafront in the old part of the town.



Memory of Architecture. One by Time. World Architecture. Japan.

Directed by TBS Visión y BS-TBS

Carlos Ferrater LECTURE SERIES at the ETSAB. 2012-2013

PROJECTS III-IV Lecture series for the ‘Cátedra Blanca Barcelona’ at the ETSAB. 2012-2013.


01. ‘Instant City’. Cuando la utopía fue posible. (Septiembre 2012) V.O.: Catalán Ver Video

02. ‘Paisajes Urbanos‘. La construcción de la Ciudad. (Octubre 2012) Ver Video

03. ‘Vivienda y Ciudad‘ Tipo y Agregación. (Octubre 2012) Ver Video

04. Sincronizar la Geometría. Blindar el Proyecto. (Octubre 2012) Ver Video

05. ‘Más grueso que el papel 1‘. Construir en la gran escala. (Noviembre 2012) Ver Video

06. ‘Casas y Habitantes‘. La esfera de lo íntimo. (Febrero 2013) V.O.: Catalán Ver Video

07. ‘Sistemas‘. Más allá del tipo. Clústers’. Alberto Peñín, realiza la introducción con una clase, “La introducción de un piano”. (Marzo 2013) V.O.: Catalán Ver Video

08. ‘Más Grueso que el Papel 2‘. Construir la Pequeña Dimensión. (Marzo 2013) Ver Video



13 opinions on the MNAC. (August 2012)

‘Continuarà’ program. RTVE.ES


 Whatch Video


'Utopia Is Possible' ICSID Exhibition at the MACBA. (June 2012)

INSTANT CITY. Ibiza, 1971.

Workshop at the UNIVERSIDAD EUROPEA DE MADRID. Carlos and Lucía Ferrater. (March 2012)

Workshop: Architecture for a Setting. Architecture Faculty. UEM.
Teachers: Carlos Ferrater, Lucía Ferrater, Eva Hurtado
Sept 2011- Jan 2012 course.


Film. 2011

Finalist in the 4th Enor Elevators Architecture Prize. (November 2011)

Carlos Quintáns interviews Carlos Ferrater, Finalist in the 4th Enor Elevators Architecture Prize for the Mediapro Building.

'M.C. Escher: Infinite Worlds' exhibition. (May 2011)

Alhambra, Granada
Exhibition Curators: Juan Domingo Santos, Borja & Carlos Ferrater

RTVE.ES La aventura del saber. 26/05/11




Interview with Carlos Ferrater on CATALUNYA RADIO. (January 2011)

Tatiana Sisquella interviews Carlos and Lucía Ferrater on the program ‘El Suplement’. 23/01/11


Visit to the Benidorm Promenade. Carlos Ferrater (December 2010)

The mayor accompanies Carlos Ferrater on a visit to his award-winning West Promenade in  Benidorm.


‘Roca Gallery Tour, Barcelona’. Borja Ferrater. (February 2010)

WALLPAPER: http://www.wallpaper.com/video/interiors/roca‐gallery‐tour‐barcelona/61278300001  

'Landscape and Geometry' lecture in Guatemala. Carlos Ferrater. (October 2010)

Carlos Ferrater gives his ‘Landscape and Geometry’ keynote videoconference as part of the ‘Transformation and Architecture: Changing the Isthmo’ Chair at the University of  Guatemala. (14/10/10)


'The Aesthetics of Architecture and Its Environs'. TV3. (August 2010)

Carolina Rosich interviews Carlos Ferrater

TV3: http://www.tv3.cat/videos/3058990 (Spanish Version)

L’estètica de l’arquitectura i l’entorn

Mediapro Building at the Audiovisual Campus. (July 2010)

Ferrater/Genard/Martí. (30.07.09)

STUDIO BANANA: http://studiobanana.tv/2009/07/30/ferratergenardmarti/

Mediapro Building: http://ferrater.com/?oab_proyecto=mediapro

Office building in Boulogne-Billancourt. (June 2010)

Bureaux Jazz building. Boulogne-Billancourt.

Presentation of the conference '10 Years of the Cátedra'. Carlos Ferrater. (May 2010)

Presentation by Antonio Giró Roca, Carlos Ferrater and Zaida Muixí.
Interventions from Joaquín Estrada, Fernando Álvarez, Ismael Fernández and Fernando Cuesta, representatives of  Cemex España. 03/05/10


Scale 1:1. Carlos Ferrater news item RTVE. (May 2010)

The influence of Catalan Modernisme on Picasso and imaginary cities.


'Continuará' Program. Interview with Carlos Ferrater. (May 2010)


National Architecture Prize. CARLOS FERRATER. (April 2010)

The flipside of the interview with Carlos Ferrater, winner of the National Architecture Prize.

RAC1. (12/04/2010)



Carlos Ferrater and Llátzer Moix interview. TV2. (April 2010)

Interview with Carlos Ferrater and Llátzer Moix on the ‘Para Todos’ program of RTVE 2. (1/04/2010)

RTVE. National Architecture Prize interview. Points of View. (March 2010)

In ‘Puntos de Vista’ we interview Catalan architect Carlos Ferrater, to whom the Ministry of Housing has awarded the National Architecture Prize for this year. We go over his professional career with him, a career which has received many national and international awards, making him one of the most outstanding exponents of modern architecture. (26.03.2010)


Listen Interview

Seville ETSA Cultural Week. (February 2010)

Carlos Ferrater gives his ‘Landscape and Geometry’ lecture as part of the ‘Cultural Week’ of the Seville ETSA.


CaixaForum ZARAGOZA Lecture. Carlos Ferrater. (February 2009)

Mediapro Building. Carlos Ferrater, Patrick Genard and Xavier Martí

REDES. All Is Not Smooth in Life. Carlos Ferrater. (February 2007)

Intervention by Carlos Ferrater on ‘No todo es liso en la vida’, program 24 of REDES. (22/02/2007)


Keynote lecture in Buenos Aires. (May 2006)

Carlos Ferrater gives his ‘Synchronizing Geometry’ lecture as part of the 2006 A/E ARCHITECTURE GATHERINGS in the Paseo La Plaza Auditorium, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Lecture (1 de 6): http://youtu.be/jk55trMhxrI

Lecture (2 de 6): http://youtu.be/PwHCi9C46tw

Lecture (3 de 6): http://youtu.be/E2HsRVZqTu8

Lecture (4 de 6): http://youtu.be/nr-8SDcCrx8

Lecture (5 de 6): http://youtu.be/LEoWUJL52nE

Lecture (6 de 6): http://youtu.be/HsZYF68WlJc

9th Venice Architecture Biennale. Carlos Ferrater Interview. (Septiembre 2005)

Chiara Visentin interviews Carlos Ferrater. (05.09.11)


'1 Architect - 1 Demolition' Lecture. (April 2001)

Organized by the Pavilion de l’Arsenal in Paris.

CARLOS FERRATER, Conférence 1 architecte 1… por Pavillon-Arsenal

Instant City on the TV3 Stromboli programme (1996).

Documentary on the Instant City of Ibiza 1971 for the 25th anniversary.

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