By the same token, OAB has experienced a huge increase of late in many different international assignments, in France and Italy to begin with, and now in Germany, Morocco, Turkey, the USA, Brazil and Mexico as well. Thanks to working with architects from different parts of the world, the structure of OAB is prepared for working in many different contexts, on the permanent understanding that architecture stems from roots that have to do with the tradition of the places one works in and by always showing respect towards the physical aspects of the location or those relative to the social organization of the programs. However, projects tend to grow out of abstraction, something which permits OAB to encounter, in other locations, similar forms of expression, albeit ones that are also conditional upon a new set of requirements or premises.

An intersecting, transversal vision of the different chapters will make the preoccupations, proposals and achievements of these last few years in the work of the studio understandable.

Today, architecture offices must be open, flexible and adaptable to the diverse approaches society calls for vis-à-vis the new context, which over and above its ephemeral and variable condition, must maintain what is essential to the discipline and what is inherent to the practice of architecture. And, more than ever, the essential and immutable aspects of time-honored architecture must prevail, yet with the possibility of adapting with ease to new situations and demands. Today, perhaps, specialization and the repetition of models and formulae are concepts that have become obsolete.

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