Documentary OPUS FACERE

Chapter 4: REHABILITATE. Trade discussions between architects and metallists. Documentary on the TECHNAL architecture awards. Carlos and Lucía Ferrater (OAB), Jordi Montón (Talleres Valeriano Montón) and Jon Montero (president of the jury).



Roundtable at the San Jorge University. 10/03/21

Carlos, Borja and Lucía Ferrater take part in the virtual roundtable “About the present. Reflections and thoughts” accompanied by the professors Antonio Estepa, Santiago Elía and Ángel B. of the San Jorge University.

Women with Face to Face

Lucía Ferrater participates at the “Women with Face to Face” meetings organised by Face to Face.


Borja Ferrater takes part in the colloquium “Tracking: towards new uban approaches”, with Ada Yvars, Jorge Alonso and Julio Touza Sacristán, organised by México Design and chaired by Jorge Arditi.


Argentina Lecture Series

Carlos Ferrater gives the video lecture “Vacuum and light for a new style of architecture” as part of the 10 A Series of Lectures of the TVDA I-II n Cátedra Guadagna, in the Faculty of Architecture, Urban Development and Design (F.A.U.D.), Córdoba, Argentina.