2 Apartment Buildings in Paseo de Gracia

2 Apartment Buildings in Paseo de Gracia

The building is located in Paseo de Gracia-Diputación, where the Fémina Movie Theater was located before being destroyed by fire. A multi-use building is proposed that maintains and restores the existing facades.

Given the streetscape and ambience, the facade on Paseo de Gracia is preserved and restored. The project provides for a variety of typologies that are compatible with the various heights of this facade, consisting of a ground-floor level and six upper stories.

Apartments perpendiculoar to one another are constructed througouft the entire front of the building. Each has five balconies and conserves the representative image along Paseo de Gracia. They open into a central courtyard that leads to the double height duplex lofts. The terraced interior space of the block is as expressive and contemporary as the treatment of the façade and roof.


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