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L'Escala Waterfront

L'Escala Waterfront

The seafront reformation comes from the idea of enhancing the natural attributes of the town of L'Escala: its unique geography, the Norfeu cape, Roses bay, the mountains in the background, amidst which the emblematic Canigó, the village of Sant Martí d'Empúries, the beaches, the ruins of the ancient city of Emporium and the view of the seafront itself, the beach with Cargol rock, Port d'En Perris and the promenade.
All this makes one of the most beautiful natural amphitheatres in the world. The project seeks to restore the tradition and ancient culture of a maritime location of great personality and character.

The project covers, enhances and highlights all these geographical, natural and historical attributes through absence, by eliminating all those elements that distort the site’s quality.


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