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Hotel Boutique en Vara del Rey, Ibiza

2020-2029 | Ibiza | Hotels.

Hotel Boutique en Vara del Rey, Ibiza

The new Boutique Hotel of Standard Hotels located in the urban lounge of Vara del Rey in front of Dalt Vila, sharing a block with the emblematic and historic Hotel Montesol, completes the central island of the city of Ibiza, a place of strict protection as a World Heritage Site.

A white wall facade skin curves at the intersections of Vara del Rey with Ramón y Cajal and this last one with Bartomeu Vicente Ramón. A single opening in the façade, 1.20 m wide and 2.30 m high, extends to an open balcony with a 0.80 m flight. The sliding wooden slat blinds go through the railing and detach from the wall, causing a play of shadows on the white wall avoiding dirt and deterioration of the facade. This game evokes the vernacular architecture of Ibiza, the white wall, the openings according to traditional measures, as well as the combination of the three materials that have always defined a traditional balcony, the metal railing, the glass hollow and the wooden shutters.