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House for artists

House for artists

The house for artists was built for Miquel and Inma – a sculptor who also paints and a painter – on Carrer Ateneu in Sant Just Desvern.

The house is designed as two linked volumes with different programmes. In the volume at the rear on the two floors above ground there are bedrooms and bathrooms and, in the one at the front, facing the garden, there is a showroom/lounge, with works by the two artists. The painter’s studio is on the upper floor and in the attic. Meanwhile, the sculptor's studio and workshop are on the underground floor.

The house has a Loosian feel, with hardly any decoration. A large Corten steel door, designed by Miquel , covers the two floors of the house on its side facade. The painter's studio has an attic lit via the shutters on the south facade as well as a large glass block window through which it receives light from above. Different double-height spaces connect these rooms and a dihedron of glass blocks lights the main floor and gives access to the sculptor's workshop via the roof.

The white satin finish standardises the volume and floor-length windows are set in the rear bedroom block.

The garden has sculptures by Miquel and a group of mulberry trees shade the porch on the front facade. A ceramic gravel pavement surrounds the entire building.

Beside the street there is a canopied vehicle port covered in vegetation.