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IMQ Zorrotzaurre Hospital

2010-2019 | Spain | Facility.

IMQ Zorrotzaurre Hospital

A building of a unitary, global kind that constructs a landscape, given that it has interiorized Bilbao’s genetic code, determined by the modernity of a highly contemporary geometry and the industrial tradition of the city.

The project defines an envelope that binds together the different parts of this complex hospital program in the podium. Said program is defined by the abstract treatment of the outer skin, punctuated by structural ribs extending vertically up the entire height of the building. The flexible modulation allows for great versatility when it comes to subdividing the interior space.

The polygonal facade converts the hospitalization block into the icon of the building, responding to the location by becoming the gateway of the future remodeling of Zorrozaurre and configuring a new urban frontage on the estuary, in keeping with the Guggenheim and the Euskalduna Palace.


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