Single Family House / Molinet House


Molinet House


L'Estartit, Girona,Spain

At a height of about three meters above the sea level, the Passeig del Molinet follows the rocky shoreline, extending from the pier that closes the l’Estartit basin to the Molinet crag that controls the ‘freu’, a channel of water between the island and the coast.

Behind a stone wall an exterior teak stair connects the paved courtyard to the upper terrace, with access to the guestroom. These rooms are reconstructed over the old walls and open directly to the patio. A door beneath the stair leads to the garage. A second transversal stair leads to the floors above, dividing the house by separating the service areas from the living areas.

The project was conceived in terms of the section. A double height space is created by the large central void with usual connections to the hill and the rear garden by an arched window overlooking the patio and to the ocean by a large prow-like window that encloses the rear façade.


Carlos Ferrater


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Passeig Molinet, Torroella de Montgrí, Girona, España