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Sabadell's Music City


An edge location between the consolidated city and the huge expanse of the Parque de Catalunya. A topography with pronounced differences in height. Fronting the site, the Eix Macià, a veritable urban artery that unifies and consolidates the “new city” image. And a relatively complex functional program leading to the coexistence of areas that are highly differentiated in terms of use and function.

The establishing of a base on different levels leads to a topographic ensemble with side streets, thus resolving the height difference of the site.

On this base are located all the support services and logistics required by the different buildings.

The arrangement of the intended volumetries on the platforms of the base will provide permeability between the different boundaries of the site, incorporating urban space into the design and determining the public nature of the whole, to the point of turning empty space into the complex’s main protagonist.

Set out strategically in the urban space, three differentiated volumetries will create a new location.

• The multifunctional and trade fair enclosure which will assume the character of an energy harnesser, with the specific design of a roof-cum-façade.

• The hotel and conference center, which is deliberately erected in a location facing the park and avenue, and which will become a sustainability provider thanks to its twin skins and its energy interchanges.

• The cultural center, which incorporates the public management of the complex, with recycling established as the preferential environmental value.

The new Sabadell Cultural Complex consists of the following:

• A cultural center:

–        Theater

–        Auditorium

–        Center for music studies

–        Exhibition gallery

• A multifunctional and trade fair enclosure

• A hotel and convention center

• A shopping and services center

• A parking area

The total surface area of the complex is some 65,000 m2.


Carlos Ferrater
Ramon Sanabria


Nuria Ayala
Lidia Planas


Manuel Arguijo


PGI Grup

Scene Consultant

Joan Domenech

2003 First prize. Restricted Competition


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Carretera Terrassa, 215, 08205 Sabadell, Barcelona, España

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