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Llucmajor Metro Station



The proposed renovation of the Llucmajor subway station is about making the most of your space and visually connecting the spaces while eliminating barriers to transit.  Thus, permeability occurs between the access space and the large height of the platform space that enlarges and dignifies the station.

The project, to emphasize the idea of continuity, uses only a single material – terrazzo, in a single color – white, to cover the walls throughout the station.  The ceilings of the access platforms and above the metro rails, also seeking to create a unified, continuous idea, are also made of a single material – a galvanized steel mesh that covers and protects new and existing installations.

The continuity of the spaces, the connections between them, and the choice of a single homogenous, white material, all help create a sense of dynamism and lightness.


Carlos Ferrater
Lucia Ferrater


Borja Ferrater
David Abondano
Marta Fenollosa

Passeig de Verdum, 08016 Barcelona, España

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