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Sant Just Park


Sant Just Desvern,Spain

The Project called for the siting of a residential complex in a landscaped plot set on a pronounced slope, in a suburb on the outskirts of Barcelona. The preliminary phase of the Project involved arranging the volumes of the Project envolved arranging the volumes of the section of the site while conserving the groups of trees.

When I analyse this project, carried out in the first half of the ‘70’s, now what I notice is how these buildings stepped up against the incline of the hillside, designed with Coderch –for me, the last great maestro- in mind, and built by hand in brick and new pine with fireplaces of Black iron amongst the clumps of pine trees, have stood up well to the passage of time.

The plants, which have inexorably covered the stepped facades in a natural extension of the garden, together with the nobility of the materials used in the project, have placed their part in this successful weathering of the passing years.


Carlos Ferrater


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