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Office Building in Guadalajara, Mexico



The tower is located opposite Patria Avenue, near the crossing with Las Américas Avenue, on an irregular site at a different street level with respect to Hipódromo de Zapopán Street.

The project adapts the tower floor plan to the geometry of the plot, formally responding to the urban conditions of the site, like the nearby buildings and the front side facing the avenue, until it forms a slim volume, complex both in plan and in height, with a distinct top ending outlined against the sky.

The circulation and services core is centered, placed at the back of the site, articulating the two office areas on each floor.

The tower emerges from the ground over a concrete vase that adapts to the irregular geometry of the site while the parking levels are solved with sloping slabs that go down in a helicoidal path, and placing the parking spaces on the perimeter.

Modulated by the metal structure, the envelope of the building takes the form of a double façade, the inner one of glass, which leaves openings for cleaning and ventilation, and the outer one made up of a deep lattice of squares in GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) which adapts in modular terms to the structural spans.


Carlos Ferrater
Xavier Martí Galí


Estudio Hidalgo


Montse Trilla


César Béjar


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Avenida de la Patria, Colomos Providencia, 44620 Guadalajara, JAL, México

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