Performance: CHOWROOM. RE_presentative Transference: 6 Accidents for a Substance (2013)

Elena Rocchi and Julio Martínez Calzón.

For a week the OAB Gallery hosted an installation, an object-exhibition, in short an artistic event which had as its (hidden) object RE_presentative transference; as its subject, a group of intelligent beings (speakers and table companions) that have RE_presentation in common; as a venue, a table (la tavola), the means by which one projects its RE_presentative transference; and as a formula, the journey, the only thing that, consciously, we all share. I chose the formula of the journey as being the most attractive part of our life, without doubt, and because I wanted to reproduce mental journeys that take off from the live accounts of great travellers.

The 12 June event attempted to transmit such experiences through dialogue and the recording of the material via a Book (liquid, stone-like and airy), in a kind of proven ideal temporality.

The project evolved during a series of dinners held in Barcelona on 25 February, 22 April and 25 November 2010; and on 3 February, 17 March and 12 May 2011. Each of them was a different RE_presentative performance. At each dinner a different speaker was invited. Twelve diners shared the space of the table with him or her. The divergent bodies converged in a single one, which shifted its representative imagination and transferred it to a personal memory. The six speakers, experts in representative transference, put on the table (without knowing it) some new ingredients, some new categories for that representative transference, about which we, as architects, had to reflect transversally: Time (Julio Martínez Calzón), Passion (Teresa Oñate), Qaulity (Aída Míguez), Relation (Carmen Ormaechea), Habit (Blanca Andréu), and Place (Rafael Argullol).

Elena Rocchi, Architect

Carlos Ferrater, intervened and closed the event

Félix Arranz, moderator of the interventions


Aida Míguez Barciela, researcher

Julio Martínez Calzón, engineer

Rafael Argullol, writer

Elena Rocchi, architect


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