Headquarters Est Métropole Habitat Contest Prize

First prize at the International contest for the headquarters of Est Métropole Habitat and office building Carré de la Soie, Villeurbanne, Métropole in Lyon along with Peñín Arquitectos and AFAA.

Talk at the ETSAB

Carlos Ferrater gives the talk ‘Vacío y Luz’ [Vacuum and Light] for the 1st year Projects students.

Round table at the Roca Gallery

Lucía Ferrater takes part in the round table ‘Architecture and Design in the Digital Era’ presented by Carolina Rosich at the Roca Gallery.

Opening talk at the ETSAB

Carlos Ferrater gives the opening talk ‘Vacuum and Light’ organised by the Blanca Barcelona Chair at the ETSAB.

Face to Face

Carlos Ferrater takes part at the Closing Meeting 2018 of Face to Face Barcelona at the Clínica Planas Auditorium.

Talk at the Pompidou in Málaga

Carlos Ferrater gives the talk ‘Vacuum and Light’ as part of the series ‘Building Utopia’ at the Centro Pompidou in Málaga.