Conversations around the house. Neolith.

Lucía Ferrater takes part in “Conversations around the house” in which she discusses the residential atmosphere with Jens Richter, Héctor Ruiz Velázquez and the interior designer Carmen Baselga; directed by Cristina Giménez. Canal Neolith Youtube TV.


Núria Ayala takes part in the on-line colloquium “Architecture in evolution” to talk between the main architecture offices on how the present situation has affected work dynamics, customer requirements, their view of the sector and to receive positive contributions on how to minimise its impact, and to think of possible strategies to ensure the early recovery of activity.


Núria Ayala takes part in the on-line colloquium “Architecture in evolution” to talk among the main architecture firms about how the current situation has affected work dynamics, customer requirements, a view of the sector and positive contributions from the group to minimise the impact, as well as to think about possible strategies for a rapid recovery of activity.



Borja Ferrater participates in UICnonstop where the daily life of teachers, students and administrative staff in the face of this new situation of confinement is shared virtually.




Territory, City and Architecture after Confinement

Text for «Arquitecturas Escritas» de AxA_Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura.

The tragic situation in the world (especially in our European environment today) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is radically transforming all aspects of people’s daily lives. Work, social relations, economy, education, sport and housing are just some of the many aspects of this unprecedented crisis caused by an invisible enemy. The origin of these transformations is surely circumstantial. However, the radicality with which they are being implemented points to a larger and more lasting impact, in which the perception of time and space is deeply changed. If this material is used to make architecture, in the face of the true health tragedy, we are left the option of taking a proactive attitude from our discipline that draws on the sinister thrust of this dystopian scenario to make out a world that, if not better, is at least different.

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MArch Arquitectura y Diseño

Lucía Ferrater and Núria Ayala give a talk for students on the “Trade Logo” Master’s Degree course of MArch Arquitectura y Diseño, of the European University of Valencia CEU.

Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts

At the proposal of the Minister for Culture and Sports, José Guirao, the Cabinet has approved the awarding of the Gold Medals for Merit in Fine Arts for the year 2019 to 24 figures of Culture. The prize is awarded to people and entities that have excelled in the field of artistic and cultural creation or have given significant service in promoting, developing or disseminating art and culture or in conserving artistic heritage.