Lesseps Housing

Lesseps Housing

The volumetric scheme of this building is resolved in an organic manner by dividing it into two parts, separated by an open space between the blocks. This decision enables the bay to be optimized, with 8m-deep spans on its corresponding facade, thus ventilating all the rooms outwards.

The adjustment of the building to the longitudinal open space between the blocks leads to a gyration at the street corner that the double end wall picks up, thus emphasizing the volumetric fracture and attaining verticality with the organic image of a bicephalous building.

The facades present the interplay of sliding metal blinds that open up and close off the balconies and allow for the improved integration of interior/exterior spaces, as well as graduating the natural light.

On the ground floor, access to the commercial premises comes about from the space between blocks and also from the streets, while the parking lot is situated on the three floors of the basement.

Together with the Joan Fuster Library, the building stands as an icon of the new Plaza Lesseps.


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