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Tryp Airport 4* Hotel in Barcelona

2000-2009 | Spain | Hotels.

Tryp Airport 4* Hotel in Barcelona

The hotel is located in an emerging business park and is instituted as an exceptional hostelry within Barcelona’s urban fabric as it extends in the direction of El Prat and the Airport.

In plan, the building evolves as three interconnected elongated bodies of varying length and independence. It is articulated on the basis of a rectangular shape formed by three bedroom wings which are perpendicular to each other, plus a more compact volume that completes said shape and provides access to the lobby which makes up the main façade.

The façade of the main wing gives onto the highway, while the other two façades are prolonged, adapting to the morphology of the land lot and swathing the access and automobile setdown area, as well as the lounges and the open courtyard.

One accedes through the main entrance to the central space of the rectangle, conceived as a piazza-type location around which the entire life of the hotel revolves. This lobby, designed to extend the entire height of the building and illuminated both day and night by huge roof lanterns, constitutes the lounge and communication space of all the areas.

Reception and administration, panoramic elevators and main stairway, multifunctional rooms, toilets, and bar/lounge, are treated as stand-alone features that provide permeability in the direction of the dining rooms and multifunctional lounges, with their views of the patio-cum-private garden.

Converging on this big space, or lobby, are the different floors of bedrooms, as well as the administration offices, meeting rooms and fitness center that give onto the main façade.

An interior vertical communication block of services (connection to the kitchens and room service) has been treated as a huge sculptural volume in this space and offers a counterpoint to the stairway.

Constructed, systematically, of white brick and a concrete grid pattern, the sheer quality of the building materials is emphasized.


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