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Nolla House

Nolla House

The Project proposes placing the house right in the centre of the plot, in such a way as to clearly differentiate two separate parts; an Access garden square and another but more private with a swimming pool.

In the superposition of 3 volumes with convincing geometry a one family house was designed. By going through the access square the double-height entrance hall is reached, joining the transit areas and vertical communication in the house.

On the ground floor the hall separates the noble area, with the dining room, living room, the library and the service area. The bedroom area and games room on the first floor are accessed by means of a staircase located in the hall. The main bedroom is located on the second floor, whereas the garage and the lumber rooms are in the basement.

The façade is made of stone with hidden anchoring on stainless steel separators cladding all the vertical and horizontal surfaces of the building. The structure is designed with folds in the floor slabs to obtain a strict geometry of the overhang bodies whose parameters are also covered in stone. A sanded matt stainless steel angle goes around all the arises of the building the stone cladding and generating the changes in the floor plan.

On occasions the stone is split with object of facilitating ventilation an indirect light.


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