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The Mandarin Hotel situated on Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona is the result of a complex architectural exercise that resolves the implantation of a facility of international scope in a building dating from the Spanish port-war period situated in the heart of Cerdà’s Ensanche.
The intervention on the old headquarters of the Banco Hispano Americano is based on thinking in urban terms in order to understand the buildings as an extension of the Paseo de Gracia that has to permit the community of the public space in its interior.

To that end, a longitudinal axis has been design that connects the building from the street until the interior of the city block. This axis is an itinerary that covers the following sequence: the Paseo de Gracia, the entrance porch situated in the main façade, whose objective is to achieve permeability towards the interior, the access ramp in an ascending sense that ends in a landing in a central position in the building, the open atrium with natural light via a glass roof light and artificial light via the geometric lines of the window frames in the corridors leading to the rooms, the landing of the mezzanine floor, which holds the hotel enclosure and from which issue all the accesses to the different facilities and, finally, the interior of the city block, holding the terrace-garden dominated by the powerful presence of the interior façade, whose intervention has consisted in providing the building’s original structure with a “veil” while conserving its volumetry.




Carlos Ferrater
Juan Trias De Bes


Bet Figueras


Studio Urquiola


Dani Rovira
Joan Guillamat






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Passeig de Gràcia, 46, 08008 Barcelona, España

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