Single Family House / Refurbishment of my parents house in L’Escala


Refurbishment of my parents house in L’Escala


L'Escala, Girona,Spain

The refurbishment of the little party-wall house built for my parents in 1960 is, in keeping with the plan elaborated by the architects Español-Hereu, carried out by treating it programmatically as an extension of the house rehabilitated in 2012 or as an independent weekend unit.

A single space with a sleeping platform, making good use of the height afforded by the section and the inclination of the roof, accommodates a small lounge-cum-dining room with an office space and bathroom, thus permitting its use as an independent entity within the house.

Due to the geometry of the land lot, the tiled roof, as laid down in the planning regulations, was moved back in order to permit the edge to be horizontal.

The real window consists of the great sheet of glass recessed towards the interior, thus constructing the small intermediary space of a terrace, and letting a perforation in the façade wall frame the eastward view over the Gulf of Roses.

When seated within, the glass profile of the freestanding handrail coincides with the line of the horizon and the long curtains give something of a theatrical touch to the landscape they frame.


Carlos Ferrater


Gerard Olivé


Alejo Bagué




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